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EmpathyHeals AdminOwner posted Feb 11, 15  -  admininformation


Promotions (and demotions) are strictly at the discretion of staff. Ranks correlate to stages of server identity and earning a good reputation takes time. Asking for promotion is about the surest way to get banned. Each rank inherits the permissions of the rank before it, plus gains additional permissions:

CURIOUS: For players curious about finding a server
Can introduce themselves, ask questions
SEEKER: For players seeking an identity on Empathy
Can set up to 25 homes, use the /me command, and can also /back to previous death location; seekers can chop trees easier with an iron, gold, or diamond axe
FRIEND: For players who demonstrated they can be trusted on Empathy
Can use eggcatcher to catch mobs and can fly with /bfly
ALLY: For players who have made Empathy their home
Can use colored text in chat and messages, can set up shop, can auction and bid on auctions, and can use autocrafter
ADVOCATE: For players who embody the spirit of Empathy
an change the weather, heal, feed, teleport, /tphere, jump, and /kick unruly players; Advocates can also repair enchanted items and keep their experience points upon death, and can use the matrix/magic color in private messages. Advocates get better fuel rate with /bfly and can adjust flying speed; they also have access to /coreprotect inspect to see who changed some blocks.

Please read ALL the signs at Empathy spawn (/warp espawn) and the spawns of each world and at /warp help; demonstrating you read the signs really helps with initial promotions.

NOTE: YOUR CLAIMS WILL EXPIRE IF YOU DO NOT LOG IN FOR TWO MONTHS! If you know you will be absent and want your claims kept safe, please let us know by posting on the forums.



SURVIVAL: Main survival map for all players. /warp sspawn
SURVIVAL_NETHER: Nether to Survival world. /warp snspawn
SURVIVAL_THE_END: End to Survival world. /warp stespawn
ATLAS: Another survival map created a year after the server started, in February 2015. Normal mode, shares inventory with Survival. PvP enabled (NO random PvP allowed!). /warp aspawn
EMPATHY: Main spawn world; only admins build there. /warp espawn
EMPATHY_THE_END: End to Empathy world. Shares inventory with Survival and Atlas. /warp etespawn
PLOTWORLD: Creative world with 200x200 plots, used for testing, contests, and occasionally gets reset. Plots cost $100,000 each and players can have up to 5. /warp pspawn
SANCTUARY: Skyblock. Uses aSkyblock plugin. /warp saspawn
SANCTUARY_NETHER: Nether for the Sanctuary world. /warp sanspawn
End for the Sanctuary world. /warp satespawn
MINIGAMES: Minigames world that doesn't share inventory with other worlds. Players can make money in minigames, but cannot /sell hand or set up shop. Project Facilitators get free Creative mode here and players can buy it per session at /warp gm1. /warp mspawn


NEW PLAYER INFORMATION: New claims expire after 30 days for new players who do not log back in and after 14 days in Nethers and Ends. Claims of players who have logged in more than once will expire TWO MONTHS after last log-in. Expired claims become the property of the server and may be demolished, renovated, or adopted to other players, and used by the owner and Project Facilitator for various purposes, including, but not limited to, server advertising and new player recruitment, for quests, and as public hangouts on the server. Claims grow at a rate of 100 claim blocks an hour for a total of 200,000. You can also /buyclaimblocks and /sellclaimblocks. Use a golden shovel to create and adjust claims; your first claim is created automatically upon placing your first chest. Please /sethome soon after you find an area to build. Type /claimslist to see your claims. BE CAREFUL WHO YOU /TRUST and keep your builds CLAIMED at all times - the owner and Project Facilitators do not get involved if an area is "griefed" by players who have /trust or if an area is "griefed" that is in the wild. Areas in the wild that are severely damaged or mined extensively may be treated occasionally with Grief Prefention (/restorenature).


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