I made some changes to the BELCHES division applications to make the process more clear and to make it easier to establish a BELCHES division.

Noteworthy changes include setting an actual price for the town warp of $200Ksetting an actual price for the town warp of $200K, instad of pricing it at 5% of highest balance on /baltop. I know some folks wanted this for a long time, so now it's implemented. I figured this was a good amount because it's twice as much as a Plotworld plot, and an amount that some players may not have readily on hand, but wouldn't find too difficult to come up with in a few days.

Also, a vote is no longer required to approve a division. Being my server, I get final say anyway on what towns/projects to endorse and support with server resources, and there haven't been many people around to vote anyway. I may bring votes back at some point, but for now I think this is best.

I am also letting BELCHES divisions have first dibs at expired claims resourcesletting BELCHES divisions have first dibs at expired claims resources. Until now any player could ask me to abandon a claim that had no active owner/players on its trustlist log in on the server for at least two months. While two months is technically a long time in real life, it doesn't seem to be that long in Minecraft server time. Some people go for many months to even years without logging on. I don't know this for certain but I can suspect that some folks might not log in when they would otherwise just because they know about the two months rule, and suspect their claims might be abandoned or taken over by someone else already. Some people might prefer not to log on at all rather than log on just to encounter this reality. Given that there are fewer BELCHES division owners than regular players, players who haven't logged on in a while nor posted on the forum asking for their claims to be spared will have a higher chance of keeping their claims for another month than if their claims were made available for a takeover by everyone. As it has been not many people have been losing their claims anyway but this may change, and I think that letting official towns and projects have access first to these resources may be for the best. Not only to give more players the opportunity to return and have their claims still be theirs after a longer absence, but also as another incentive for towns and projects that typically need more resources.

I also lowered one of the requirements for applying to be a BELCHES division from building three quests for the town or project to one. I think one new quest added every so often to the server at this point is an appropriate pace, since we have quite a few quests now. Also, I hope the one quest will be enough to inform project owners of the fun and benefits associated with having quests to be an incentive to maker more. Requiring three up front though may deter some from even trying that option and I want to have this option be an incentive, not an impediment.

Finally, I reduced the initial funding for new projects to 32 Diamond blocks from 64I reduced the initial funding for new projects to 32 Diamond blocks from 64. This is because some newer projects and towns don't seem too big or ambitious to start with, but that's okay. Also, 64 seemes a bit OP especially considering that town owners can submit a budget and ask for additional funding once the money granted to a previous budget runs out anyway. This way, there will be more accurate, transparent, and timely accounting of how the funds are spent shared with the server. And finally, this is also because the majority of division owners never even spent that initial funding money, and most have also told me they prefer to fund the project themselves rather than use server funding.

I think these are all the major changes I have made that I wanted to highlight in an announcement. Please refer to the application itself for additional minor changes/tweaks to the BELCHES project applications here http://empathyheals.enjin.com/forum/m/21228992/viewthread/16311426-division-applicationhttp://empathyheals.enjin.com/forum/m/21228992/viewthread/16311426-division-application

Happy Minecrafting,