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Hello, I am DaKing_Of_ReVoke and i was just accepted to run BEAM!. I just thought id say hello and give a few of my suggestions and to share a few ways im going to this,
First, I would like to start Partnering with other servers to get more players on here, To get a bigger fan base, Also i plan on making rewards for players that invite other players,
Such as if you can get another player on and they play for about 3 hours(Not official) Then you will be rewarded with either in game cash or possibly Claim blocks to further your build. I plan on advertising anywhere i can to help the server out and i plan on paying for advertisment in other places too, Such as youtube advertising, On Topg or any of the other server listing website, I plan on making this server greater and i need your help!
Posted Feb 8, 18 · OP
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Welcome, and thank you again for running BEAM! This server can really use an active PF for this project! Please let me know about your office, if you will build one, when you're done, so I can set a warp to it. I told you in game but to remind you, I perosnally have NO MONEY right now to pay for advertisement, but feel free to run fundraising in the game so players can help you pay for it. I look forward to seeing you run this project. Please keep adding any ideas and ways people can contribute to BEAM to this thread. Let me know what in-game rewards I can provide for your project. You will also get some extra perms now that you're PF so you can do things like set and delete warps and sell heads from HeadsPlugin to make more money for your project. I give out some but it doesn't hurt for you to fundraise for BEAM also. Also, try to put up regular reports on the forum summarizing what you did recently and informing us of any news. Monthly reports are encouraged. Thanks again and I am so happy to see BEAM have a PF. I'm technically BEAMing :).

Posted Feb 9, 18
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