Hello my fellow Empathy players

Hello, As you know i am the new leader of BEAM!, here i will explain my new project Advert, Read more below.

Project-Advert is probably what you think it is, We have been having a problem gaining a player base, but thats where we come in! Funding this myself in the game, for every player that joins and players for at least 2 hours i will give them a full starter pack consisting of Diamond tools, Iron armor and 2 stacks of food, Pluss 2500$. And for the one who invited the player will get a stack of diamond ONLY, If the player desides to stay

If you would like to advertise the server get ahold of me, DaKing_Of_ReVoke, And i will reward you for what you have done, Another note. If you would like to join the BEAM TEAM please fill out a application on here and we will get back to you as soon as we can, You can earn rewards such as Claim blocks, in game cash and much more,

Also, For all the new players, im currently in the proccess of building a small town full of houses so if you need a bit of help to start off you can have a house! Will have a few supplies to start with too, Just fill out a application for a house in the upcoming thread,

Thank you for reading and i hope to see more players on here soon!
~Sincerely DaKing_Of_ReVoke